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Ask Mare Sombra
Yes slave, it is I, Queen Sombra


Fanart time and reference to Guardian’s size, he every big guy.

I wanted to show his size compared to normal pony and steel pony. So I picked a follower satine-pony for that position and only reason she maybe in Guardian’s Zero room is that he saved her and was too tried to take her home but to guilty to leave her alone. For the steel pony I picked my fav sombra and it was askmaresombra. She just popped out of nowhere for some reason…also I wanted to try draw her~

Clearly you kidnapped me cause I did not enter your …what was it…Tardis?

((Mod: I already mentioned this on my modblog a little bit ago but thank you so so so much for this lovely drawing of Sombra, everyone looks lovely and Guardian is so fluffy >v<. Also thank you so very much for the little mention of the Steel Pony's ;D))

I wanted to draw a small something for you, but didn’t have any ideas. Then, I remembered your wonderful Valentine’s Day picture, and suddenly decided to participate (somewhat lately xD). I sure had fun, so I hope you’ll like it! ^^

Hmm I think this could work, I don’t know why but I really like those eyes <3

((Mod: Ah sorry for posting this later than usual been busy today ovo;;

This is awesome! I just love the way you drew Satine. She’s just so lovely >w< Thank you so much satine-pony for drawing in this fun little open collab. I love love LOVE it!

And if you guys want to join in this collab too then head over here))

Hey guys guess what! Got a Mare Sombra poster up in the RedBubble Shop :D

It’s nice to finally be back home…

((MOD: Thanks so much to the wonderful people who let me turn their pony ocs into Steel Pon-sicles! The ponies featured (from right to left starting from panel 1) belong to the following… askequestrias-pastfutureapollosnownovadeathblade (NSFW), and infinite-scratch))

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The Queen surveys her kingdom. Speedpaint, about 2 1/2 hours. I think I might be just a little bit in love. Fox XXX

Don’t worry I love me too  

((Mod: AAAAA 2 and a half hours? That’s crazy! Look at all the detail and colors and shading and just wowie wow that is a lot of amazing work thank you so much! I absolutely love this it’s fantastic!))


Tumblrpon’s creed # 25: Mare Sombra (http://askmaresombra.tumblr.com/) as “the Thespian”

Doesn’t matter what I wear I always look good!

((Mod: Ah sorry for not posting this yesterday. Was out of the house practically all day ^^;

This looks amazing! The outfit, the pose, her mane and her tail… It all looks fantastic! Thank you so much for adding Sombra into the Tumblrpon Creed askezioauditoredaequestria :D))

I told you so! I told you so!

((Mod: big thanks for cythis, askmach and dont-mind-me-but-i for allowing me to use their ocs and transform them into Steel Ponies for the update. You guys are awesome!))

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