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Ask Mare Sombra
Yes slave, it is I, Queen Sombra

I wanted to draw a small something for you, but didn’t have any ideas. Then, I remembered your wonderful Valentine’s Day picture, and suddenly decided to participate (somewhat lately xD). I sure had fun, so I hope you’ll like it! ^^

Hmm I think this could work, I don’t know why but I really like those eyes <3

((Mod: Ah sorry for posting this later than usual been busy today ovo;;

This is awesome! I just love the way you drew Satine. She’s just so lovely >w< Thank you so much satine-pony for drawing in this fun little open collab. I love love LOVE it!

And if you guys want to join in this collab too then head over here))

Hey guys guess what! Got a Mare Sombra poster up in the RedBubble Shop :D

It’s nice to finally be back home…

((MOD: Thanks so much to the wonderful people who let me turn their pony ocs into Steel Pon-sicles! The ponies featured (from right to left starting from panel 1) belong to the following… askequestrias-pastfutureapollosnownovadeathblade (NSFW), and infinite-scratch))

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The Queen surveys her kingdom. Speedpaint, about 2 1/2 hours. I think I might be just a little bit in love. Fox XXX

Don’t worry I love me too  

((Mod: AAAAA 2 and a half hours? That’s crazy! Look at all the detail and colors and shading and just wowie wow that is a lot of amazing work thank you so much! I absolutely love this it’s fantastic!))


Tumblrpon’s creed # 25: Mare Sombra (http://askmaresombra.tumblr.com/) as “the Thespian”

Doesn’t matter what I wear I always look good!

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This looks amazing! The outfit, the pose, her mane and her tail… It all looks fantastic! Thank you so much for adding Sombra into the Tumblrpon Creed askezioauditoredaequestria :D))

I told you so! I told you so!

((Mod: big thanks for cythis, askmach and dont-mind-me-but-i for allowing me to use their ocs and transform them into Steel Ponies for the update. You guys are awesome!))

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Hey guys a little mod post here. Just letting you all know that on Patreon we made our first milestone goal! Which means that I’ll be making a long detailed tutorial over what you guys want to see. (be it my process of making comics to drawing Sombra herself)

So what would you guys like to see a tutorial about? I’ll choose the most popular choice and work on it as soon as I can :D

Anyways, what type of tutorials would you guys like to see?

Sombra: They… they just …. disappeared… That’s new.